Our Approach

Investment Philosophy

Capital Preservation is Fundamental

Rigorous Private Equity Style “Bottoms-Up” Due Diligence

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns Are a Core Principle

The Velocity Opportunity Fund

  • Opportunistic investments in growth-stage companies in the sports, media, and entertainment ecosystem
  • Strategic investment partner of choice combining domain expertise and industry connectivity
  • Non-control investments up to $50 million in companies with enterprise values below $2B

Velocity’s Vision

Sports, media, and entertainment (SME) are one of the few things that bring people together and connect humanity globally. SME is how we play, interact, grow, and progress. Intellectual Property (IP) is the fuel behind this ecosystem and its value has grown consistently through various market cycles.

Institutional investors started to notice these powerful dynamics a few years ago and built investment platforms focused on sports teams, VC, and PE. This created a significant, untapped opportunity for growth-stage SME investors, especially Velocity who has the domain and operating expertise needed to help these companies become successful.

We believe the largest benefactors of IP value growth will be the ‘picks and shovels’ businesses that service IP-holders. The businesses and entrepreneurs we partner with are the backbone of the SME ecosystem. Together with our LPs and investing partners, we are excited to shape the future of sports, media, and entertainment.