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Velocity has established the Velocity Opportunity Fund (the “Fund”) to capitalize on the disruptive transformation of Intellectual Property (“IP”), which is accelerating due to technological advancements and the creation of new monetization channels. The power and stability of IP, combined with this disruption, and the evolution of new industries (i.e., sports betting), has led to an explosion of compelling and institutionally investable companies. The Fund does not invest in sports teams by design but prioritizes new verticals that have been established as a result of IP institutionalization.

Our Target Verticals are undergoing a seismic shift due to i) changing consumer behaviors, ii) technological innovation, and iii) the evolution of new investable industries

Compelling and Actionable Market Opportunity

Access: Long-standing relationships of owners and operators of sports, media, technology and entertainment businesses

Value Add-Strategic Partner: We work closely with our portfolio companies to (i) maximize revenues; (ii) improve sales and marketing strategies; (iii) attract C-suite executives; and (iv) facilitate strategic direction

Thesis-driven Investing: Fundamentals-driven investors that leverage our platform for unique industry insights into emerging trends and opportunities across market segment

Competitive Advantages

Our businesses are resilient, driven by deep rooted in fan loyalty and engagement. Our businesses benefit from improved commercialization driven by emerging new technologies and business services companies to optimize revenues. We target businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Category leadership

  • Large addressable markets

  • Tangible moats with defensible barriers to entry

  • Strong management teams and commercial partners

  • Viable paths to liquidity / exit

Focused Mandate

the Fund’s investment professionals have invested globally in private equity, growth equity, venture capital and distressed debt, through many different market cycles during the past 30 years.

Extensive Institutional Investment Experience


Velocity is a complementary union of professionals with various perspectives, backgrounds, and international life experiences. We mindfully build our team so that we reflect the global companies we partner with as well as the diverse people that invest in us.


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