Arne Rees

Picture of Arne Rees

Founding Partner

Arne is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. In addition to an active origination and due diligence role, he works closely with the firm’s portfolio companies on strategy execution and value creation. Arne is currently the Honorary U.S. Chairman for Bundesliga. He was previously the U.S. CEO of Sportradar Group (NASDAQ: SRAD; $3B Mkt. Cap.), the leading global provider of products and services in the sports betting and entertainment space. Prior to this, Arnes was a Partner at investment firm MSP Sports, leading investments into McLaren Racing Formula One and Global Football Holdings. Prior to his role at MSP, Arnes was the COO at RSE Ventures and Partner at Vayner/RSE, investing in sports-related and technology-enabled companies such as PrimeSport, Krossover, Coinbase, and Resy. He was also the VP of International Business Development and Digital and VP Assistant to the President of ESPN. Arne was the former Head of Strategy and Business Development for UEFA. Arne graduated with a Master of Arts and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Tufts University and pursued his MBA at École des Ponts Business School.

Arne currently splits his time between NYC and Roxbury CT with his wife Caroline and his son Gabriel.

Fun fact: Arne’s favorite past time is driving tractors.